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The She Be Ok Project is a (currently) unregistered/incorporated not for profit organization focusing on providing free self-care services from a variety of businesses to female victims of bullying and/or abuse.

Our mission is to curate a directory of like minded individuals/businesses who are passionate about using their talents for the greater good. These businesses offer a wide range of services and products that are crucial in the well- being and healing of females living through situations of bullying and/or abuse.

The business affiliates on the She Be Ok directory are all volunteers and can choose the amount of time/services they wish to give based on their own schedules. Each affiliate is required to volunteer at least one service/product per month in order to remain an active member of the program.

We understand the importance of self-care in the healing process and overall well-being of our own mental, emotional, and physical health and are passionate about making these services accessible to the girls and women who need them most.

Founder, Paje Honor Pokjowy is the survivor of a mentally and physically abusive relationship and has also experienced bullying in high school directed at social class and body image. Offering self-care services to victims who otherwise would not be able to afford them, or who are not in the mental state to think about receiving them is something she has been dreaming of for years. The launch of The She Be Ok Project via Instagram on March 15th 2019 has already received a flood of interest from other local businesses and has gained an overwhelming amount of support since its launch.

Shelters, schools, teachers and businesses alike have reached out in hopes to receive more information on how they can take part in this initiative.

She Be Ok is excited to gain traction and expand its reach from the local Niagara Region, to a cross-province, and eventually a nation-wide initiative to help females heal and regain self-love and their over-all well being.

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